Business Strategy

Guideline for developing strategy is simple: define where your company can be found at present and determine where you want to move and how.

COTE Business offers a complex methodology what includes academically approved and suggested 5 types of business – level strategies but it is just a small part of it.

Starting with the assessment and analysis of the present features and figures as well as the actual state of the company and its market position.

In the next step – together with the Client – we specify the business goal(s) and lay down  the necessary actions and tools towards perform them.

Different approach are required depending on the number of the business years of the company, the market or sector where it acts on, financial statements especially cost and price questions, launching a new product or services and specification of customers and clients.

There are basically variant types of procedures in light of the company starts operating from zero or it has several years of business experiences even previously it has already had business strategy what needs development or modification. In this case – redesigning the business strategy – company valuation is recommended as a necessary first step. For help please see:

After making contact in the business interview we establish the goals of the cooperation and provide the client with guidance – giving information about the necessary documents  – after that we finalize the time frame of the project and prepare the agreement.