Company Valuation Application

Company Valuation Application (App) is a complex evaluation methodology through the enclosed application (please see below) has been developed by our company COTE Business.

Our aim was to create such a valuation system and platform for companies especially SME where the entire company is being evaluated from almost every important aspects: financial, accounting, legal aspects, firm history, product, service even Human Resource and Brand viewpoints.

But the same time the usage of the App is easy and relatively quick so it is user-friendly regarding to the multitude data and several types of the documents belonging to each company.


STEPS of the procedure

After you have finalized your decision about company valuation and selected our company with whom you put into effect it please follow the necessary steps below.

  • Make contact with us through this website filling the contact box
  • After it you get message via email latest in 48 hours on working days
  • If necessary we make a phone call
  • Fix an appointment for the Business Interview
  • Hold the Business Interview (in person or online). It takes c. 1hour.
  • After the Business Interview you get the contract and other documents
  • Use the App (PLS See below it in very detailed)
  • After filling the App the Business Consultation occurs. (In the contract previously we calculated the number of it together)
  • 14 days after the last consultation You will get the Report
  • And another week later you get the one page Business Highlights (if your contract contains it)
  • In the end of the process you will get a Summary Interview (30 – 60 minutes)



Our first meeting is a so-called Business Interview.

In this one of our experts is conducting an exploration process: to learn about the objectives and the reasons of your interest and participation in the company valuation course.

We provide information about the whole procedure of our service – using the App and consultancy sessions – and the important documents what are requisite in order to fill in the App properly.

At the end of the Business Interview we define and establish the planned goals of the examination process. Based upon the negotiation here our future partner can decide to put in action the valuation process.

Because the Business Interview is special and not part of the business contract so it has a different price and is charged as a simple consultancy fee.

If you are our subsequent partner we glad to hear it and please read the following section with a high level of awareness

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.



If you have intention  – from any reasons – to learn about the actual value of your company please follow the next steps.


  1. At first you have to register on this site.
  2. For this look for ‘R’ box – Register
  3. After your registration you get a feedback letter about your successful registration. This email contains a template. The bank account of our firm can be found.
  4. Please fill in the template carefully with the necessary data of your company and send back to us – it is necessary for the invoice.
  5. If you have decided which is your choice – Standard or Premium package – please complete payment via bank transfer. In reverse you will get your invoice.
  6. When your payment is accomplished you will get another email with your unique security code. You can start using the App with the code. This code is strictly confidential has designed just for you as your own common right. It will be valid from the date of entrance throughout 30 days.
  7. What do you need for filling the App? Of course you need your business data (balance sheet, financial and sales data, legal documents) and the help of your book – keeper or financial colleague.
  8. Recommendation: at first please have a look at how the App works and afterwards make a fully detailed note about what types of data and documents, reports you need in order to complete the application.
  9. The App contains 7 different modules. As a guidance you will find an enclosed template with an Excel sheet created just for filling in the Financial Statement module Block1. You can forward only this Excel sheet to your colleague or outside helper and the other data from your company in the App still remain safe and confidential.
  10. Please fill in the App.
  11. At the end please do not forget to upload the separate Excel sheet into the App – if you use it.
  12. Please do take your time and check the App again.
  13. Please do not forget to confirm the data at the end of the application.
  14. When you have completed the App please have a big smile, you will have done a great job!



The usage of the application is an essential part of our business contract. So it is only accessible for those Clients with whom there are signed agreement.

There are 2 types of choice. Depending upon your needs and goals. You will get help to clarify your decision during the Business Interview and that you will be informed about price of the different packages.


Standard Version

If you are interested in a general assessment or just wish to get informed about your company’s present position and value or what is behind the actual business appearance or being aware of a quick analysis, this Standard Version is recommended for you.

This package also includes an extra one hour personal consultancy and interpretation how you understand the evaluation methodology and the final results.

You will get a summary about the evaluation named Report and a one page Business Highlights document.

Later if you decide to learn more about the evaluation of your firm in this case you will have opportunity complete your recent package into the other one.


Premium Version

If you are interested in a deeper or more complex assessment and need sorrow understanding of what you have achieved and have a well-defined objective(s) to improve your business result (or any other reasons) in this case this Premium Version is recommended.

Premium package includes the use of the App and minimum 5 consultancy sessions but it will specify in the business contract.

You will get a summary about the evaluation named Report and a one page Business Highlights document.



In the Summary Interview the last interpretation and clarification occur.

After getting the Report and The Business Highlights documents you have the opportunity to decide on the next step whether you continue the work with us aiming your new business goals  (established on the basis of the results gained from the valuating process) or terminate the cooperation at this stage.

We appreciate your trust and thank you for choosing us.