Executive Education

The goal of Executive Education is how to build up your Executive Brand. To define an executive brand is a two folds task, one is your personal side and the other is the relation of your company’s brand.

The basic method includes establishing special characteristics in your personality which differentiate from others, strong professional personality traits including behavior in an always adequate manner, demonstrating yourself as a chief representative of that company which – by now – has entered into its matured life circle.

Do not forget your executive brand  – as a personal brand  – has to harmonize with your company’s brand and its branding style.

Your individual visual, verbal, written and social appearance has to send the same core messages as your  company does it.

It means a huge responsibility but on the other hand this is the way through you promote your company or its product and support its positioning and increase its reputation.

To whom: For founders, firm owners or executive employees more than 10 years of business experience