Executive Search

Companies majoring in Executive search exercise active searches for highly talented managers, specially trained or widely experienced managers or senior managers and leaders into executive positions from a various viewpoints of a company eg. well-defined business goal, important leader’s role or any other strategically determining interest of a company.

These companies attract managers and executives working for organizations to where the job seeker executives are applying. So this executive search firms represent their interest.

But who helps and supports applicants…

Our company  – COTE Consulting focuses on providing this type of consultancy and complex services

To whom: Executives, managers, senior managers with minimum10+ business years experience

There are two main types of the executive search.

  1. Manager and senior manager level

Job seeker with a wide range of professional experience, decision making competency, ability to create executive summary (for management, board), leadership skills, people management or leadership networking locally or especially internationally.

  1. Executive positions

Jobseekers with a minimum 10+ professional experiences and a minimum 5+ years leadership and / or executive experience locally or in a multinational environment

What we provide:

  1. To learn how to search / find the suitable job advertisement and understand the reasons behind it. Set up a detailed interpretation
  2. To accommodate to be aware of the fact you are the person who is responsible for the whole process
  3. To learn to analyze the published job’s requirements and the company as well
  4. To learn how to be ready to practice the relevant and necessary selection dimensions: professional knowledge, presentation skills, negotiation skills, preparing case study, time management, communication skills or understanding finance and statistics or even how to improve your language skills and writing skills as well and of course people management and managing to be multitasking
  5. To learn how to behave in a different culture or in a different working climate (if you have not had that type of past experience)
  6. To learn how to write different CV-s, motivation and /or cover letters showing yourself as an impact influencer
  7. To learn how to present your personal interest eg. compensation package, travel conditions, training availability, promotion chance and even housing or schooling needs
  8. To learn how to demonstrate yourself as a business minded professional and a responsible leader
  9. To learn how to understand the new offer and how to negotiate about it
  10. To learn how to terminate your actual job and be prepared how to handle time scheduling and get ready for the new beginning

There are a number of other items and different individually defined achievements to discuss about which will be under negotiation in each person’s case during the contract making process.

The consultation process comprises the consultancy sessions and the preparation or review of the CV, motivation letter or any other necessary document including the interpretation of the labour contract and job description.

First meeting is a Business Interview where we define the goals of the sessions: preparation for the interviews, training, analysis of the jobs or companies, setting up the strategy for winning the desired position.