Finding a New Job – The ‘Must’ List

The Must List is a sort of guideline to the job-seeking process. Our service is a complex methodology from the scratch through advising applicants during the hiring process and getting the offer from the new employer and conducting the transition process till getting ready for the new beginning.

We always use this checklist as if each case is different so we harmonize this list to the individual needs and if it is necessary complement it with the targeted extra amendments.

What we provide

  1. To learn how to search / find the suitable job advertisement and understand the reasons behind it.
  2. To accommodate to be aware of the fact that you are the person who is responsible for the whole job-seeking process.
  3. To learn to analyze the published job’s requirements and the company as well.
  4. To learn how to be ready to practice your skills and maintain your knowledge in the relevant and necessary selection dimensions: professional knowledge, presentation skills, negotiation skills, preparing case study, time management, communication skills or understanding finance and statistics or even how to improve your language skills and writing skills as well.
  5. To learn how to behave in a different culture or in a different working climate.
  6. To learn how to write different CV-s, motivation and /or cover letter.
  7. To learn how to present your personal interest eg. compensation and benefit package, travel conditions, training availability, promotion chance even housing or schooling needs.
  8. To learn how to act in group or in an assessment center.
  9. To learn how to understand the new offer and how to negotiate about it.
  10. To learn how to terminate your actual job and be prepare for the transition how to handle time scheduling and get ready for the new beginning.