Our mission is to provide job-seeking applicants with a tailor-made and complex methodology in order to understand the entire job-seeking process and find the most appropriate roles in the labor market for themselves.

Who we are

COTE Consulting as a consulting company belongs to the COTE Business Group.

Cote Consulting has specialized in providing individual applicants with services to accomplish the job seeking process, middle management and executive levels.

Our wide range of job-seeking service involves solutions from the very beginning how to search jobs, how to write CV including to learn how to tailor your CV based upon facts to reach the best match the required criteria for each role or to learn to orientate about the targeted role till the whole support during the hiring process. Furthermore if you are not an entirely tech-savvy applicant we help you how to handle the situation when you are interviewed by a robot or having an online interview.  Even it is necessary we offer professional consultancy how to transfer your skills into a new industry.

For more detailed information please see the service section on the site: JOB-Search and EXECUTIVE-search.

Headquarter of the firm is located in Budapest but our colleagues work in various EU countries. Our consultancy is available in person and online also.

Members of our team are professionals from the field of HR, recruiting, talent management, psychology or even legal field. We work as a team but in different projects collaborate with external experts.


Truthfulness,    Sympathy,   Creativity  and  Cooperation.

Our Promise

Effort  —  Tears  –  Laugh – Results