• Szabó Regina
      Szabó Reginabanking specialist

      After working in creative marketing roles for 4 years, with the help of the consultation I managed to achieve my aspirations and transition to a finance position in the banking industry within a short period of time. Asserting my knowledge and skills, identifying improvement areas and building a plan as well as learning to look at the application process from the recruiters’ perspective have been crucial to gaining clarity regarding my career journey and professional development.

    • András Sarkadi
      András Sarkadie-learning expert

      I approached Dr. Balázsi last year with the plan of leaving the hectic world of the creative industry behind and applying for a job at UNICEF.

      Her expert suggestions helped me preparing the application and getting ready for the interview.

      I am sure I would not have been able to successfully make this change of career without her help.

    • Kata Kerekes
        Kata Kerekesgraphic designer

        Achievment: From individual freelancer graphic-designer turn to professional entrepreneur