The reason behind this methodology is evident. Decades ago when I entered into the position of a headhunter we used some certain tools what we had learnt and explored on the market. That was:  job seeker applied for jobs and recruiting professionals completed the screening and selection process representing the interests of the employers.

Nowadays headhunters, HR experts and recruiting or talent adviser are exercising exactly the same routine. But who helps jobseekers to explain them the various and essential criteria and viewpoints of the selection and the appraisal methodology from the company’s side. Yes there are many consulting firms who offer different approach and a number of tools to advise applicants but finding a job still remain a time and energy-consuming task. And a ratio of success call is yet very poor.

By now companies have developed several new screening methods but for the applicants these are entirely unknown till the first interview. (Of course if someone has succeeded to get through the CV-evaluating robots.)

And that is obvious the job requirements can be read in the ad but the way how the company handles its measurement is also unknown. There is no information about the criteria and different dimensions of the selection. And not to mention the subjective views and psychological factors!

So we here have created a complex methodology from the scratch trough getting the offer from your new employer and conducting the transition process till getting ready for the new beginning.