COTE as a business adviser provides consulting services for enterprises through company evaluation by the help of our own-developed application and not just from financial and accounting viewpoints but taking account the whole company, especially the human role in the enterprises through the evaluation of the human capital and focusing on the brand of the company or its product in order to strengthen their brand and business values and provide them with an essential basis in order to prepare or finalize any business decisions including acquisitions,  investments or business development.


Who we are

COTE is an independent consultancy. The headquarter of the firm is located in Bratislava but our colleagues work in some EU countries.

Members of our team are professionals from the field of finance, accountancy, IT, HR, brand and psychology or even legal field. We work as a team but in different projects collaborate with external experts.

Founder of the company is GB.



Truthfulness, accuracy, reality and cooperation.


Our Promise

Effort  —  Tears  –  Laugh – Results

We try to keep this very sensitive issue on the ground.